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"We wanted a pool, but it wasn't in the price point, Val found us a rental with a HOA pool. She really wants to help!”
M. Thompson

Why Choose a Rental?

Discover the benefits of renting—perfect for those needing a quick move, exploring a new area, or seeking temporary accommodation without long-term commitment.

Quick Relocation Solutions for Busy Professionals

Ideal for job relocations, rentals offer immediate housing solutions in prime locations, helping you settle in swiftly and focus on your career.

Affordable Alternatives to High-Priced Apartments

With apartment complexes becoming increasingly expensive, yet having limited space explore more cost-effective rental properties that offer better value for your money.

Temporary Living for Creative Projects

Rent homes for film, video shoots, or short-term creative projects, providing a flexible and versatile solution for your unique needs.

Test the Waters: Renting Before Buying

Not sure where you want to settle down? Renting allows you to experience different neighborhoods and communities before making a long-term commitment.

Over 250,000 Private Rentals in the Valley

"She was really helpful. Gave an honest opinion and answered all our questions"

Questions About Property Rentals?

What type of credit score is required?

Each investor-owner is different an may have a different requirement to rent his/her property. In my experience, property managers are looking for scores of 650 & up.
Note: Scores may be higher or lower based on property, some properties may not rely on credit (for example: city or gov't based programs)

Is there an application fee?

Yes, each property management company has a general application fee. This amount can range from $50-$100 depending on the company?
NOTE: Each property has an independent application costs , per person therefore we recommend being certain of your selection before applying.

Is there a deposit requirement?

Yes many properties require a property deposit equal to the rent but no more than three times (3x) the rental amount. Many deposits are refundable (although not guaranteed) after the lease terminates.

Do I need Renters Insurance?

Yes most properties require renters insurance which is available through most major Insurance companies and may get you a bundle discount if you have car insurance currently.

Are there additional costs/deposits?

Depending on the rental, there may be several costs such as;

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“I love that she thinks outside the box. She enjoys the work and she’s good at it!”
T. Hague
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“She provided all the details on what to do and helped us when we were stuck ”
Mr. & Mrs. Roberts

What other cost Should I be aware of ?

Maintenance, Many homes have property maintenance costs for Lawn maintenance, Pool services, Trash & Sewer as well as residential services. These costs guarantee that the exterior of the home keeps up with HOA guidelines, so that hedges, trees & Bushes are maintained. If there is a pool, that it is properly service and cleaned. And finally so that trash and sewer are maintained.

How quickly can we get into a property?

Credit checks and background checks vary and can take up to 72 hours from time of application. IF the property is unoccupied and has already been cleaned you may be eligible to move as quick as 10 days.

How far in advance should I begin my search?

Most (not all) property managers will only hold a property for a maximum of 10-14 days (2 weeks) therefore it is prudent to begin searching no less then 4 weeks but no more than 6 weeks in advance.

How many Showing will you complete?

Multiple list showings are available per client, however, due to the number of showing request received. We do have show limits.

What is the cost for your services?

The rental showing agent cost varies based on the number of listings shown and time to rental. Please note that the cost may be offset by a landlord referral fee.

What do you require to accept a client?

I generally request a copy of your two most recent pay stubs for verification that you can meet the rental requirement and a copy of your ID.

What We Specialize in?

Job Relocation

Seamlessly transition to your next adventure with our expert assistance in home sales, Agent Referral, and moving referrals.

Furnished Rentals

Job got you on a temporary project? Looking for the creature comforts of home. we can help

Property Repair

Doing some major renovations to your home that are going to take a couple months. Our specialist can locate a furnished rental just for you

Entertainment Rentals

Looking for a property to film your next project? Temporary insurance coverage, cleaning services, licensing & more.

So much More!!!

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“They really set the expectation so that there are no surprises. I knew what could happen and it allowed me to make the best choice for me. ”
T. Parker

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“She went out to the property to preview and did a live video feed with us. Then later she recorded homes before we ever arrived in Vegas! ”
J. Dorsette
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Need to rent your Property? We're Easy To Contact

Get your property listed, marketed and in front of renters

Online, over the phone or in Person, Prominent Realty has a property management Department. Quick easy steps are provided so you understand how we start the process, what’s coming next, what your action steps need to be. You will always know what you’re getting.


Tell you where your property is in the marketing process, When people are viewing your property, Feedback from those individuals as well as changes in the area that could affect your sale.

Easy Contact and Communication

Online appointments available for your convenience Easily text or chat with your agent right away Give feedback immediately

* The property management group is a separate division owned and operated by Prominent Realty group the managing Brokerage

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Our Broker is the property manager!

Finding Renters Who

Qualify and are Ready to rent

Connecting with renters who are financially qualified and ready to sign a lease ensures your investment doesn't stay empty for long

Love the Area

Attracting renters who have a genuine affinity for the area enhances the perceived value of your property, increasing the likelihood of a successful lease agreement.

Understand the Value

Targeting renters who recognize and appreciate the true value of your property helps in securing long term tenancy and respect for the property assets.