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Our new homes specialist will not only show you great models but also tell you where to find great builder deals. Our specialist review the over 200 developments in progress and can show you what's in your price point and your area. Get a home with all the upgrades without paying all the upgrade prices.

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Vegasvalhomes vegasvalhomes NewHomeBuilds
"The model we wanted wasn't available... we mentioned it to Val, she found the same model at a different development, the builder never even bothered to mentioned it.
Cynthia L.

Why Choose Brand New Homes?

Brand new home developments can be an enticing idea depending on the market and for;


With a new home, you often have the opportunity to customize features to your liking, from floor plans and finishes to appliances and color schemes. This allows you to create a space that perfectly suits your needs and tastes without the need for extensive renovations.

Warranty Protection:

New homes typically come with warranties that cover structural defects and major systems like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. This can provide peace of mind knowing that you're protected against unexpected repair costs during the early years of homeownership.

Energy Efficiency:

New homes are built with the latest energy-efficient materials and technologies, such as insulated windows, efficient heating and cooling systems, and high-quality insulation. This can result in lower utility bills and a reduced environmental footprint compared to older homes.

Modern Amenities:

New homes often feature modern amenities and conveniences that may not be found in older homes, such as open floor plans, larger closets, higher ceilings, and smart home technology. These features can enhance comfort, convenience, and overall quality of life.

Low Maintenance:

Since everything in a new home is brand new, there's typically less immediate maintenance required compared to a resale home. You won't have to worry about replacing outdated appliances, repairing worn-out fixtures, or dealing with the wear and tear that comes with age. This can save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Compare Builders, Pricing, & Know where the deals are!

Market Knowledge

"We kept going to places that were out of our price point. We scheduled a tour and not only saw the models that met our requirements BUT found out about deals the builders had, we would have never thought to ask about!"
Darla M.

Get A Guide to New Home Developments

Market Knowledge

As an agent I keep in contact with the new home developers, so I'm aware of inventory, which developments have similar models, whether there is standing inventory that needs to be sold and which communities have the features buyers are looking for.

Negotiation Skills

Clients sometimes are not aware of the areas that can be negotiated when it comes to new homes. It's important to have someone by your side that understands where the opportunities are and can take advantage of them


Many times, we are guided by our eyes which affects our pockets, having a third party to help you prevent you from over-spending through the builder is essential. Agents can help advise you of which costs should be considered before you put pen to paper.

Legal Protections

Agents are insured and licensed to be able to be aware of the law and the contracts that guide the transaction. Your agent will not only ensure the legal requirements, but review the paperwork for accuracy, compliance and protections that will help against legal pitfalls.

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“Even though my new home wasn't going to be ready for three months, I didn't really worry because she was always checking in on it for us."
Alice M.

New Home Builders

America West

For over 35 years America west held the position of Best Build Homes in Southern Nevada until they were bought by Pulte Homes in 2019

Beazer Homes

Publicly traded home builder that started in the us in 1985 was established by a British Home builder. Starting in Georgia and Florida this home builder was once known for requiring a minimum 6000sqft lot on all homes.

Century Communities

This rapidly growing construction company was established in 2002 and has over 1700 acres of construction in the Skye Canyon Development

Christopher Homes

This builder is native to Las Vegas building some, if not the most luxurious homesin Las Vegas. Established in 1981 and brain child of CEO Christopher Stuhmer, each home is breathtakingly unique.

DR Horton

With almost 50 years building quality homes across the nation, DR Horton is one of the nations largest builders.

Del Webb

Founded in 1946 Del Webb Communities can be founded in every corner of Las Vegas. With stunning attention to detail and expertise in 55+ communities, these homes are immaculate. (Division of Pulte)

Harmony Homes

Service and attention is the cornerstone for Harmony Homes, This builders budget friendly luxury style is a cornerstone of Las Vegas

KB Homes

An established name in real estate since 1957, this Michigan based company has spread from coast to coast providing homes across the nation.


In 2024 Lennar reached it's 70th year as one of Americas largest home builders. Starting in Miami-Dade county and heading West Lennar has major claims in Nevada, Texas, Georgia, Florida and more

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“It felt nice to have someone on our side. She Asked questions, I never thought to ask."
Danielle S.


Third Largest Home construction company in the nation , this builder has almost 1million homes under it's tool belt as of 2023. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA this builders designs are unique and consistently being updated.

Richmond American

Ranked within the top five builders in the Nation, Richmond American Homes has been building homes for decades. Starting in Colorado this small firm has grown across 9 states boasting some quarter million home builds.

Taylor Morisson

Established in 1921 was small but popular home builder. Similiar to William Lyons (1956) these companies having combined (2019) now design ultra-distinctive properties in a budget friendly price point. With over 10+ communities locally this builder is growing gang-busters.

Toll Brothers

This fortune 500 mega builder was established in 1967. Dedicated to specific design standards for their base models, this builder is known for it's elegant presence and glamorous looks.

Saving Strategies Your Agent Will Provide

Standing Inventory

Builders don't construct every unit, they most build in Phases for a reason. This means some builders have standing inventory that MUST be sold before moving to the next phase of development. Having an agent that is aware of what's available can help you take advantage of newly built homes selling at a discount!

New Home Lenders

New Home Lenders have some advantage to helping you buy-in to a developments by offering rates not available on conventional loans. The initial builder offer is not always their best offer, having an agent that can review the terms & make special request could save you thousands!

Model Homes

Not in a rush to purchase? Model homes can be sold as an investment property. Get all the upgrades, take advantage of incentives and have still take your time. Buy a model and have the Builder pay you!

Cost Consultant

Agents are insured and licensed to be able to be aware of the law and the contracts that guide the transaction. Your agent will not only ensure the legal requirements, but review the paperwork for accuracy, compliance and protections that will help against legal pitfalls.

Vegasvalhomes Web_IMGS NewHomeBuilds
"We weren't moving for a year but the rates were so low, I wanted in. We bought the model and when we were ready the builder was selling their last units."
Jason B.


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