Navigating Roof Inspections:

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Navigating Roof Inspections: A Crucial Step in Home Buying

As a seasoned realtor, I've witnessed my fair share of surprises during home inspections. Yet, nothing quite prepares you for the moment when unexpected news surfaces about the condition of the roof. Recently, I found myself in such a situation with a buyer, where what seemed like minor concerns from the ground turned into a deeper issue upon closer inspection.

Our journey began innocently enough, with a routine general home inspection. The property, a charming single-story home in Las Vegas built in 2002, had caught the eye of my client. However, as the inspection progressed, our optimism waned as the inspector flagged significant damage to the roof. With 188 chipped tiles concentrated in one corner and an additional 40 tiles either cracked or displaced, alarm bells began to ring.

Despite the initial shock, we were fortunate to have enlisted the expertise of Aztlan Roofing. Led by the knowledgeable and punctual Jay, this roofing company quickly became our guiding light in navigating the complexities of roof repair. Unlike other contractors we had contacted, Jay’s professionalism and commitment to transparency stood out. He conducted a thorough assessment of the roof, explaining the extent of the damage and outlining necessary repairs without any attempts to upsell or exaggerate the situation.

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What truly set Aztlan Roofing apart was their dedication to customer service. From confirming appointments in advance to providing timely updates, Jay ensured that my client felt informed and supported every step of the way. He not only addressed immediate concerns but also provided valuable insights into the longevity of the roof and the company’s guarantee, instilling confidence in our decision-making process.

Ultimately, our collaboration with Aztlan Roofing not only resulted in a successful repair but also served as a reminder of the importance of proactive roof inspections in the home buying process. While initial assessments from the ground may offer some insights, investing in a specialized inspection can uncover hidden issues and provide invaluable peace of mind.


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In hindsight, our experience underscores the significance of taking decisive action when faced with unexpected challenges during the home buying journey. By partnering with reputable professionals like Aztlan Roofing and prioritizing thorough inspections, buyers can safeguard their investment and embark on the next chapter of homeownership with confidence. After all, when it comes to securing your dream home, thoroughness and diligence are always worth the effort.

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